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A switch hose for your ducted vacuum equals easier, quicker cleaning

If you are looking for a new hose for your ducted vacuum, or just doing some research for a new vacuum installation, it's worth considering a on/off switch hose.

This type of ducted vacuum hose lets you control the power from the handle, rather than having to remove the hose to turn the vacuum off. There's no additional wiring or parts required, a new switch hose will work with all existing components and cleaning accessories.

A switch hose works with all makes and models of ducted vacuum and comes in a range of lengths to suit your needs. Our switch hoses feature an ergonomically designed handle, which allows for a range of grips and ensures a comfortable position whilst vacuuming. They also feature an air-relief valve, which you can open while you're vacuuming delicate surfaces. 

The switch hose will work with all standard ducted vacuum valves.
If you want to make sure that yours is compatible, take a look at the valve on your wall, lift open the door and look for the two locating lugs you can see on the face. (The plastic tab on the hose cuff must slot in between the lugs, to enable the hose to work).  
You can also check the inside of the valve for the two contact pins to ensure a correct fit.
If you don't have these valves, they can be changed over by purchasing from our website.


Aussie Vac supplies a huge range of hoses to suit all makes and models of ducted vacuum.
Hoses can be ordered with an accessory kit, or with a pre-fitted protective hose sock.
Specialty products including hi-vis hoses and stretch-hoses are also available.