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How to replace a ducted vacuum hose handle

If your vacuum hose handle has some wear and tear, is damaged or cracked, it needs to be replaced.

Don't make cleaning harder than it needs to be with a damaged hose handle, this quick and cheap repair will have your hose working like new again. It's easy to replace a ducted vacuum hose handle yourself.

A universal ducted vacuum hose handle comes as a standard part, on most popular ducted vacuum hoses.

The plastic curved wand, a hose hull and a locking ring, are the 3 components that make a hose handle. work. The handle is held onto the hose by the locking ring, which is accessed by two points. The hose hull is required to enable a 360 degrees swivelling action for a kink free hose.

To release the vacuum hose handle from the locking ring, you will need flat head screwdriver, or something similar like a butter knife. Depress the locking ring to release both sides and the handle will come away easily from the hose. All you then need to do, is simply click your new hose handle straight back in place, you should heard a clicking sound, your hose is as good as new. 


ducted vacuum switch hose handle 

A ducted vacuum hose with a switch on the handle (above), is unable to be repaired. If you have this kind of hose, you will need to buy a new one.

If you need parts to repair you ducted vacuum hose, you can buy them online in our Hose Accessories & Parts category, or come down to the showroom in Melbourne.

If you need help with any other ducted vacuum repairs, have a look at some of our other articles & videos or feel free to contact us for more complicated repairs or a full ducted vacuum service.