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Professional Aussie Vac Ducted Vacuum Installations

Don't want to worry about ducted vacuum installation yourself? Aussie Vac can help! 

We specialise in residential and small commercial installations of all shapes and sizes. Our complete ducted vacuum installation service covers every angle, from design and consultation through to installation, commissioning and servicing. You don't have to do a thing!

We're happy to install in new or existing buildings. Installing a ducted vacuum into an existing building will generally require more knowledge and expertise, so contacting us early on will ensure your system and installation get off to a good start.

If you're wondering whether you should do it yourself or get some professional help, here are some benefits to an Aussie Vac installation:

Save Time

You can save time by having Aussie Vac install your ducted vacuum system for you. We will review your building plans and choose the right number and positioning of hose inlet points to ensure comfortable use of the system. We will also design the ducting system so that all the hose inlet points will efficiently lead back to the main unit.

Reduce stress

While ducted vacuum systems come with easy to follow instructions, we understand D.I.Y installation isn't for everyone. When you book Aussie Vac to install your ducted vacuum system, you can relax, go shopping or go to work. When you come home, your new ducted vacuum system will be ready to use!

Installation in any location

Aussie Vac is based in Melbourne with a team of professional installers, support staff and administrators. We provide high quality customer service and ensure issues don't escalate into problems. We also ensure that nothing falls through the gaps. Just see our customer testimonials!

If you live outside of Melbourne, Aussie Vac has a trusted network of dealers, resellers and installers who we can put you in touch with.

Quality workmanship (guaranteed)

Not only is Aussie Vac the expert when it comes to ducted vacuum installation, we also guarantee the quality of our work. This ensures only the highest quality of work and also peace of mind for you - our valued customer!

Customer choice

You don't have to get Aussie Vac to install your new ducted vacuum system. Our DIY kits make it easy to install the ducted vacuum system yourself, or you can order installation materials online. If you'd like some help with design, you can submit your home or office layouts and we can recommend an appropriate ducted vacuum system.

At all times we are just a phone call away!   

Please complete the form below, with a copy of your house floor plan (if available) and we will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours.


The Best Parts for your Ducted Vacuum System

Aussie Vac stocks Australia's largest range of ducted vacuum installation materials and ducted vacuum parts. Whether it’s for a new home, existing home, extension/renovation, repair job or alterations to an existing ducted vacuum system, we carry a full range of the best quality parts.

Vaculine Pipe Fittings

Aussie Vac stocks the complete range of  Vaculine ducted vacuum pipe fittings manufactured in Canada to precise standards. A ducted vacuum system is only as good as the sum of it's parts, so we insist on using only genuine Vaculine fittings in all of our installations.

Inlet Valves

Aussie Vac has an inlet valve to suit any ducted vacuum system, in any application possible. These include stylish and reliable Vaculine 'VacuValves' for the standard quality finish, Vaculine 'ES' valves for solid walls or tall skirting boards, utility valves for garages and workshops, brushed metal decorator valves, heavy duty galvanised steel valves in 38mm and 50mm for commercial applications and an extensive range of older style, out of production valves to match to your existing system.

Underbench Kickers & Sweepers

A great addition to any ducted vacuum systems is the Cansweep or Vacpan automatic dustpan - commonly known as a kitchen kicker or sweeper. Simply activate with a touch of your toe and sweep straight into the opening for a quick clean up with all the power of your ducted vacuum cleaner. Tap again and the dustpan is shut off. This addition is designed to be installed into joinery and for use on hard floor surfaces only. Popular in kitchens, but also installed in bathrooms, laundries and mud-rooms.