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The Turbocat is your secret weapon against pet hair and trodden in dirt and dust - watch carpets and rugs come back to life after just one vacuum. Unlike most other turbo heads, the Turbocat is built for a long life with heavy duty components and  the widest cleaning path of any turbo head on the market. Suitable for all ducted vacuum systems this month it's only $215 with Free Delivery!

More Powerful Suction

An Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system has up to five times more power than most conventional portable vacuum cleaners.

The heavy duty long-life motors used in all Aussie Vac systems ensure hard to shift dust and dirt will be removed from your valuable carpets, soft furnishings and other floor coverings, both protecting them and prolonging their lives. The ducted vacuum system also works well on curtains.


Faster Easier Cleaning

Ducted vacuum systems are versatile enough to be used just about anywhere. Carpets, hard floors, curtains, skirtings, staircases, cars and verandas can all be cleaned with a ducted vacuum system – even the family pet (yes, we have actually tested this – results differ from pet to pet!).

The longer hose and convenient inlet valves of a ducted vacuum help you to reach all parts of your house effortlessly. An Aussie Vac ducted vacuum will speed up and simplify how you clean your home, giving you more time for the important things in life – you and your family.


Quieter, Convenient Vacuuming

Ducted vacuum systems are quiet. Period. The loud, irritating noise associated with portable vacuum cleaners just doesn’t exist with an Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system. The power unit is usually located well away from living areas, so you can vacuum without disturbing other activities going on in your home. Mufflers and silencers can also be fitted to most models to reduce sound levels even further.

Imagine… No tripping over the vacuum cord. No loud noises to distract other members of the house. No electrical leads to keep the kids away from. Easier and faster vacuuming and a lot less physical strain. Enjoy the convenience of an Aussie Vac ducted vacuum systems in your home.


The Cost Effective Cleaning Solution

Did you know that most ducted vacuum systems cost roughly the same as a high quality portable vacuum cleaner? The differences are that ducted vacuum systems last considerably longer (up to four times in fact), are more robust and require less maintenance. It all adds up to a more cost effective investment.

Aussie Vac ducted vacuum systems are a semi-permanent feature and an excellent selling point for your home. Why? They not only make cleaning a breeze, they are built to last. That combination will increase the value of your home – well in excess of the original purchase price! As a ducted vacuum system is a semi-permanent structure in your house, it is covered under building insurance.