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What is a Ducted Vacuum?

Simply put, a ducted vacuum system is the easier, faster and healthier way to clean your home.

At Aussie Vac we have been installing and manufacturing ducted vacuums since 1972, and are now industry leaders with the game-changing Chameleon retractable hose system.

Ducted vacuum systems have gone from being luxury items in the 1960's and '70s, to an affordable, superior alternative to portable vacuum cleaners for many Australian homeowners.

A permanent addition to your home, a ducted vacuum consists of four key components:

  • Aussie Vac AV1300 ducted vacuum power unit
    A Power Unit:
    The power unit runs the ducted vacuum system and is usually located in a garage or underneath the house. The dust collection is also stored at the same location. Because you don't have to drag the power unit around with you, ducted vacuum systems are generally much more powerful than portable vacuums. Aussie Vac has a range of power units offering bagless or disposable bag dust collection.

  • Ducted Vacuum Installation
    PVC pipe work or ducting:

    PVC pipework connects the ducted vacuum power unit to the vacuum outlets in each room. You'll never have to worry about unsightly piping as it's discreetly installed in the ceiling, walls or floor.

  • Ducted Vacuum Inlet Valve
    Inlet valves:

    These are installed at strategic locations throughout the home, making it easy to simply plug in your vacuum hose and start cleaning. An average size residence usually requires three or four ducted vacuum points, to ensure that every corner of your home is accessible.

  • Ducted Vacuum Hose and Accessory Kit
    Vacuum hoses and attachments:

    These include a lightweight vacuum hose and accessories for vacuuming carpet, rugs, floorboards, furnishings... even your car and garage. Because you're only holding the vacuum hose and not lugging a portable vacuum around, it's never a physical strain. 

  • Why Aussie Vac?

    Aussie Vac install ducted vacuums into new or existing homes, and also offer complete DIY kits. Thanks to the reliability of our systems, and our many years of experience, you get a hassle-free cleaning experience time after time.

    Aussie Vac ducted vacuum are manufactured in Melbourne to suit Australian conditions. Built to clean for the life of your home, they out-perform and out-last cheaper imported alternatives.

    Whether it is a fully installed, or DIY, we will carefully plan the system to suit your home, ensuring great suction and ease of use..

    To discover how affordable a ducted vacuum system is, call  Aussie Vac on 1800 678 228 for an obligation-free quote, or complete our online request a quote form.