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Can I repair a broken vacuum rod?

Most vacuum cleaners include a vacuum rod (sometimes called a telescopic wand) to connect the hose to the vacuum head which allows you to stand up straight whilst vacuuming.

Our stainless steel telescopic rod (sometimes called a wand) adjusts in length from 60cm to 100cm, in 2cm increments.

With the ability to adjust the vacuum rod to 20 different lengths, the lock which holds these rods in place, sometimes breaks, meaning you have to vacuum your floors bent over like this poor fellow!

bent over vacuuming


As this part is made up of small plastic components, this part is not easily repairable and as the lock on the vacuum rod, is used nearly every time you vacuum to adjust to the correct height, over time it could break or become very loose which can be very frustrating when vacuuming.

Most popular portable vacuums and all ducted vacuums use a universal 32mm rod which you can buy from our website. If you're not sure what size you have currently - just measure your parts as shown below. Look for approximately 31.5 - 32mm diameter at the bottom of your old rod or the end of your handle.