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Will a new hose fit my ducted vacuum

Replacing a ducted vacuum hose, or finding spare parts for a hose, is generally very straight-forward as the sizing is universal for virtually all ducted vacuum systems.

The hose is a critical component in any ducted vacuum system and choosing a good quality new hose can significantly improve both cleaning performance and ease of use.

Ducted vacuum hoses are available in range of lengths and styles which are generally a universal design in terms of connecting to other parts of a ducted vacuum system.

"Will a new ducted vacuum hose fit my existing system?"

The answer is Yes. Nearly all ducted vacuum systems in Australia use the same standard size hose.  If you're not sure, simply take the end of your hose that you plug into the wall, put a measuring tape on it to check that it's approximately 38mm in diameter. If you don't have a hose to measure, you can simply check one of the inlet valves on a wall or a floor in your house. Just measure the diameter and make sure that is also approximately 38 mm.

"Will a new hose fit my existing cleaning attachments?"

Yes. As mentioned above, nearly all ducted vacuum systems in Australia use the same standard size attachments. You can also easily check this by measuring the end of your hose to make sure it's approximately 32 millimeters in diameter. This is a different size than the wall end of the hose but it is also the universal standard sizing for ducted vacuums. 

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