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Protect your home interior with a ducted vacuum hose sock

A great addition to any ducted vacuum system is a protective hose sock.  Designed to suit all ducted vacuum hoses from 9 to 12 metres in length, a sock will prevent the hose from scratching or scuffing your walls and floors whilst vacuuming.

Protecting your home interior is the greatest benefit of adding a sock to your hose, but there is more to be gained from making this part of your ducted vacuum kit:

  • The sock insulates hose noise, so your ducted vacuum is even quieter.
  • The hose easily glides over floor surfaces with the smooth sock covering.
  • Skirting boards / Baseboards are protected when the hose is dragged from room to room.
There are two styles of ducted vacuum hose sock, let's take a quick look at the differences.

Knitted Hose Sock

Knitted Hose Socks are a form-fitting style which offers great protection, without increasing the size/ bulk of your ducted vacuum hose. Initially there is a bit of work involved getting the sock onto your hose, but that's a one-time job as you secure the sock with discreet ties at both ends.

With a knitted hose sock, you will find it much easier to move from room to room, pull the hose around corners and through doorways, and your paintwork will show no signs of hose inflicted scars. 

We also offer hoses with pre-fitted socks if you are looking at buying a new hose, and don't want the bother of installing the sock yourself.

Premium Ducted Vacuum Hose Sock

Ducted Vacuum Padded Hose SockPremium Ducted Vacuum Hose Sock is a fully padded quilted design, with a high quality concealed zipper makes for easy installation and removal. Furthermore this sock is a washable product giving you a long-life solution.

The smooth silky exterior ensures your hose will glide effortlessly over all floor surfaces and the quilted padding will keep all of your paintwork and polished furniture looking like new. It's not a form-fitting design like the knitted hose sock, so a padded sock will make your hose appear slightly bigger, but there is no noticeable weight increase as the quilting and outer fabric are lightweight.

This style of hose sock offers the highest level of protection for polished timber and high-gloss paintwork, as the padding completely negates the impact of the harsh ridges on your vacuum hose.

If you need any more information on these products, or anything else to do with ducted vacuums, please feel free to give us a call on 03 9763 6777 or contact us through our website. We've got a team of dedicated staff that can help with any of your ducted vacuum questions.