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Ducted Vacuum Hose Buyer's Guide

Selecting the right ducted vacuum hose to use with your ducted vacuum system will make vacuuming much easier - maybe even enjoyable!

Don't lug around an old ducted vacuum hose held together with tape any longer, invest in a new hose and make the vacuuming quicker and easier.

All of the hoses in this guide are a universal 32mm internal diameter to suit all makes and models of ducted vacuum including:

Ducted Vacuums:Aussie Vac, Auskay, Astro Vac, Beam, Central Vac, Cyclic, Cyclo- Vac, DAS, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Filtex, Hoover, Hills, iCentral, Lux, Premier Clean, Smart, Silent-Master, Vacumaid, Valet, Volta, Vactron P

Portable Vacuums - Electrolux, Hoover, Kambrook, Nilfisk, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, Volta, Vax, Wertheim

Backpacks - Pullman, Origin, Numatic, Nilfisk, Pacvac, Superpro, Hako

Standard Ducted Vacuum Hose

Standard ducted vacuum hose is the most common type of hose supplied with new ducted vacuum systems. There a variations in colour, length and handle style, but they all function the same way and generally look like the hose above.
In most cases. the end you plug into the wall or floor will have a metal ring. The ring is important as it makes a connection with two low-voltage contact pins inside the wall/floor plate to turn on your ducted vacuum motor. Therefore, with this type of hose, the vacuum motor starts as soon as you plug in the hose, and the motor stops as soon as you remove it. Replacement handles and cuffs are available for this type of hose, making for an economical long-life option.
This type of hose is available in 9mtr, 10mtr and 12mtr lengths as standard. We can supply in custom lengths too, more information below.

Ducted Vacuum Switch Hose


A ducted vacuum switch hose allows you to start and stop the vacuum from the handle. There's no need to remove the hose if you want to momentarily stop vacuuming (to move some furniture or answer the phone, for example); simply flick the switch to stop the motor, and flick it again to resume vacuuming when you are ready. A switch hose will work with all but the very oldest ducted vacuum systems. Many newly installed systems will be supplied with a switch hose, and they are a very popular upgrade accessory, being a universal style suitable for all makes and models.

If your current vacuum hose has a metal ring around the end (as shown above in the standard switch hose) and your wall or floor plates have two contact pins as in the picture opposite (right) - you can upgrade from a standard hose to a switch hose with no changes to your existing system.  In order for a switch hose to work correctly, it must be inserted into the wall/floor plate correctly.

This is easily done by ensuring the plastic tab on the hose cuff slots into the locating tabs on the wall/floor plate as shown opposite. If the hose is not plugged in correctly, the vacuum motor will run as it would with a standard hose. No damage will occur to the hose or motor - but the switch will not work until the hose is plugged in correctly.

Ducted Vacuum Switch Hoses are available in 9mtr, 10.5mtr and 12mtr lengths. Due to the manufacturing processes involved with switch hoses, it is no possible to supply a custom length option.

Hi-Vis Ducted Vacuum Hose

Hi-Vis ducted vacuum hose is a must for any commercial environment. The typical grey and cream colours of other ducted vacuum hoses can be very hard to see on many commercial floor surfaces. In situations where foot traffic is high, and vacuuming takes places frequently, this bright-orange hose is easily noticeable.

In terms of functionality, the Hi-Vis hose is exactly the same as a standard ducted vacuum hose. The motor starts as soon as you plug in the hose, and stops when you remove it. The handle and cuff can be replaced as needed, which is an important benefit, as this can be more often than usual in a commercial application.

Available off the shelf in various lengths, it is possible to join two Hi-Vis hoses together with a 32mm hose joiner to make a longer hose for great accessibility around larger commercial areas.

Ducted Vacuum Extension Hose

A vacuum hose that doesn't quite make it the the corner of a room is very frustrating - especially when it reaches everywhere else perfectly. That's where a ducted vacuum extension hose comes in handy. The special 'slip cuff' fitting on one end of the extension hose fits onto the wall end of your regular vacuum hose, and the other end of the extension hose plugs into the wall/floor plate as normal.

A 4 metre extension hose makes your standard 9 metre hose 13 metres long, for example - just for the time that you need a longer hose. Simply disconnect the extension hose, and you are back to your normal 9 metre length. Perfect for houses which have an extension or outdoor living room which is just out of reach of your ducted vacuum.

If you need any more information on these products, or anything else to do with ducted vacuums, please feel free to give us a call on 03 9763 6777 or contact us through our website. We've got a team of dedicated staff that can help with any of your ducted vacuum questions.