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A new ducted vacuum will fit existing pipes - here's why.

Any Aussie Vac ducted vacuum will fit existing pipes (and all other parts of the system) becuase all ducted vacuum systems use a standard 50mm outside diameter PVC pipe.

This pipe is used to connect the motor unit to the hose connection points in your home, and is therefore largely unseen as it runs through wall cavities, under the floor or in the roof space.

You can clearly see the pipe where it exits the wall/ceiling/floor and connects to the vacuum unit. This is the only area you need to work in when completing a change-over.

If you need to upgrade or replace your existing ducted vacuum motor unit, the pipework and low voltage wiring can all be retained and connected to the new unit.

In some cases, the pipe which enters the vacuum motor unit may need to be re-configured slightly as different makes and models of ducted vacuum will vary in diameter and height. You can order this handy changeover kit online to help with a minor pipe re-configuration.

If you are replacing an old Aussie Vac ducted vacuum with a new Aussie Vac unit, the pipework and power unit mounting plate can usually be re-used with no modifications required.

Aussie Vac changeover ducted vacuums are:aussie-vac-av1300

  • Designed to suit homes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Suitable for DIY installation with no loss of warranty.
  • Supplied with all mounting hardware.
  • Supplied with a free utility/garage vacuum point.
  • Ready to use with 3 vacuum bags included.

As you can see, a new Aussie Vac ducted vacuum will fit existing pipes and even better, it will also work with all of your existing cleaning attachments and accessories.

So don't put up with a tired old ducted vacuum any longer, upgrade to a new Aussie Vac and experience the powerful suction for yourself!