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How many Hose Points work with a Ducted Vacuum Power Unit?

When deciding which Power Unit is required for your Ducted Vacuum system, it is important to remember that they system uses only one hose point at a time.

The length of the pipe run to the fartherest point, away from the Power Unit, will determine which Power Unit to use.

A Ducted Vacuum system, with lots of hose points, doesn't necessarily mean that you need a big Power Unit.

Our recommendations for the number of hose points based on the square meterage of your house, is listed below.
*Please note that this is a standard guideline and Power Units may need to sized up or down depending on the installation.

Recommended Max Home Size (sq. mt) No of Plug-In Hose Points Aussie Vac Power Unit Element Power Unit
250 2-3 AV1100
400 3-5 AV1300
400 3-4 AV1300C
650 5-7 AV1700 VE1370
800 7-9 AV1900 VE1770
800 10+ AV2900 VE2370
900 10+ AV2600

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