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Ducted Vacuum Installation. Can I do it myself?

A ducted vacuum installation is an easy and rewarding DIY project.

Whether you are building, renovating or have an existing home, a ducted vacuum can be installed in most buildings in around half a day.

Ducted Vacuum Hole Saw

The only special tool required is a 55-60mm diameter hole-saw.
This is required to drill through any timbers which the vacuum pipe must pass through. (Care must be taken to avoid drilling into any load bearing timbers.) To complete the installation, a power drill, hacksaw, pliers, screwdrivers and common tools are all that's required.


Planning is the key to a successful ducted vacuum system installation.Ducted Vacuum Installation

It is most important to firstly determine the best locations for the inlet valves and then confirm the logistics of running the vacuum pipework to these locations. With a little time and ingenuity most locations can be reached.
Central locations such as hallways & passages, the end of a wall beside a doorway and landing areas adjacent to the bottom or top of staircases are ideal. Areas which may end up behind furniture or opened doors should be avoided.
If you are installing your pipework underneath the floor and have no walls, cupboards or other joinery which you can use to install the inlet valves in, they may be fitted directly into the floorboards.   

The most common location for a ducted vacuum power unit is in a garage. The reason being most models are supplied with an on-board inlet valve, so a garage ducted vacuum installation means you will be able to vacuum cars without needing to install an additional hose connection point - saving you time and money.

Other areas to install a power unit include under the house (where there is around 1.5 metres of clearance), a plant and equipment room, or outdoors in a service area - where hot water services and ducted heating units are often located.  

Aussie Vac offers a range of complete DIY kits with all required parts for a full ducted vacuum installation in your home - you can check out the range here: Aussie Vac Complete DIY Kits



For further information about how to install an Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system, please have a look at our Installation Guide. This guide looks in detail at the steps involved in a ducted vacuum installation and shows examples of different installation methods.