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Can I install a ducted vacuum in a steel frame house?


A ducted vacuum system can be installed in practically any type of house when it's under construction. A steel frame house is no exception.  

When installing a ducted vacuum system into a steel frame house, many steel framed houses are constructed using 70mm studs compared to a timber frame house, which use 90mm studs. The difference between installing a ducted vacuum in a steel frame house compared to a timber frame house is the mounting plate and elbow.

Aussie Vac stock the 70mm mounting plates and 70mm elbows, as well as a complete range of pipe fittings, mounting plates & installation tools, to ensure a hassle free installation of your ducted vacuum into your steel framed house.

If you are ordering a ducted vacuum DIY kit, for your steel framed house, ensure you make a note in the comments section of the checkout page to swap the 90mm parts for 70mm parts and we will take care of the rest.