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Ducted Vacuum Bags - How do i choose?

Here at Aussie Vac, the question that we get asked all the time, is which ducted vacuum bags will the suit my ducted vacuum?

The answer to this question, sometimes is not easy to answer.

A couple of things to check, which may help you decide which ducted vacuum bag you need, would be the Make and/or Model of your ducted vacuum or if you can't find this, the Drum size (height/width).  

These things are important, as they should help determine which bag you require. The most popular bags we sell here at Aussie Vac, are the Universal Ducted Vacuum Bag and the Compact Vacuum Bag.  These ducted vacuum bags are suitable for most popular makes and models of ducted vacuums. 

Universal Ducted Vacuum Bags - 3 pack

The Universal Ducted Vacuum bag would suit ducted vacuum drums which are 740mm high and 380mm diameter.

These bags measure 26 cm wide and 73 cm tall when laid flat and are suitable for the following ducted vacuums:

Aussie Vac: AV1200, AV1300, AV1400, AV1500, AV1600,AV1700 AV1900, AV2200, AV2400, AV2600, AV2800, PA1300, PA2600
Astro Vac: AS3000L, Hurricane
Valet: VL200, VL300
Premier Clean: Monarch Range models - 250, 490, 550, 650


Compact Ducted Vacuum Bags - 3 pack

The Compact Ducted Vacuum Bag would suit ducted vacuum drums which are 600mm high and 300mm diameter. 

These bags measure 20 cm wide and 64 cm tall when laid flat and are suitable for the following ducted vacuums:
Aussie Vac: AV1100, AV1300C, AV1300COM, AV1400COM, AVECO, EconoVac
Astro Vac: All compact and deluxe models
Valet: ValuVac, V1P, V2P, V150
Premier Clean: Compact models  


We also stock ducted vacuum bags for the following ducted vacuums: 

Silent Master - All Silent Master models, Flo Master, Modern Day
Lux - CD101, CD110, CD111, CD791, CV792, CV793
Airstar - BM165
Electrolux - CV3010
Valet - VBC
Central Vac Electron - EVS2606B, EVS2606, EVS2808 and other Electron models which are fitted with a bag conversion kit

These bags can be found here