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How to Replace Ducted Vacuum Bags

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At Aussie Vac, we recommend our customers change ducted vacuum bags every 3 to 6 months for the best cleaning performance and a longer motor life. 

However, there are many factors which can vary the amount of time a ducted vacuum bag will last, including the size of the house, floor coverings, pets and how often you vacuum.

In a large family house with lots of carpet, children and pets you may need to change ducted vacuum bags every couple of months. Likewise, a small townhouse with mainly hard floors, no pets and 1 or 2 occupants may find ducted vacuum bags lasting up to a year or more. 

When do I change ducted vacuum bags and why?

Ducted vacuum bags perform two important roles:
  1. They collect and retain all the vacuumed material
  2. They filter the air to protect the vacuum motor. In most cases, we need to change ducted vacuum bags as they can no longer filter the air adequately - a bag may only be half full of vacuumed material, but the micro-liner layer inside the bag will be clogged up with fine dust and other particles.
    If you notice suction has gradually decreased when vacuuming, the micro-liner has done it's job, and it's time to change your ducted vacuum bag.

Our top tips to help you change ducted vacuum bags:

  1. Nearly all ducted vacuum bags are a universal size, so finding the right bag is easy, but not all bags are manufactured with the internal micro-lining for proper filtration. Avoid using bags which are a brown colour as these are known to not have the micro-lining.
  2. Ensure you open up the folded/pleated sides of your new ducted vacuum bag before fitting to ensure it will fully expand once in place. This will give you greater service life as more of the micro-lining will be activated.
  3. Always grip the cardboard collar and the paper behind the collar when removing and replacing so you don't accidentally tear the bag.

This video will take you through the basic steps:


If you need any more information on ducted vacuum bags, or anything else to do with ducted vacuums, please feel free to give us a call on 03 9763 6777 or contact us through our website. We've got a team of dedicated staff that can help with any of your ducted vacuum questions.