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Vacpan Automatic Dustpan

A Vacpan Automatic Dustpan is great for laundries and a must in the kitchen! A Vacpan Automatic Dustpan is easily installed using standard fittings and pipe, in both new and existing systems. The ideal complement to your ducted vacuum system!

Simply sweep dirt over to the opening and it's gone - as easy as sweeping dirt under the rug! 
The on/off kick switch eliminates bending.
A Vacpan will solve your quick clean up dilemmas. Your Vacpan will install flush-mounted to your cabinet kickboard, never in the way and virtually unnoticed.
To activate the Vacpan simply flick it with the tip of your toe, which turns on the power unit, sweep dirt and debris toward the powerful suction of your ducted vacuum and you floor is clean - instantly! 

Available in white, silver, black or almond your Vacpan will match any decor - any room.

When your sweeping is complete, just use your foot to close the Vacpan to shut off the suction.

Vacpan Installation

Rough In Kit
A Rough In Kit uses universal 50mm PVC ducted vacuum pipe and fittings, suitable for all makes and models of ducted vacuum.
Included in the kit:
7.5 metres PVC ducted vacuum pipe (3 x 2.5 mt lengths), 10 mtrs control wire, 1 x Sharp Elbow, 1 x Sweep Tee, 2 x Sweep Elbow, 4 x Pipe Saddle, 1 x Bottle Solvent Cement and 1 x Installation Instructions.  

The Vacpan Flexible Hose kit makes installation easy.

The Kit includes black flex hose (750mm), 2 adjustable metal clamps and a low-profile fitting with cap.

Remove the cap, attach the Vacpan, slide back into position


Click here, for the Vacpan installation instructions.