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How to replace ducted vacuum wall plate

It's not uncommon over the life of a ducted vacuum system to need to replace the ducted vacuum wall plate.

If you are renovating or re-painting, an old ducted vacuum wall plate may look out of place.  

The first step, as always, is to turn the power off to your ducted vacuum system. There are wires that run to the back of these wall plates. It is a low voltage power supply, but, for safety reasons, it's always best to turn the power off first.

Generally, the only tool you'll need for this job is a #2 phillips head screwdriver or you may like to use a power drill. 

  • Take the two screws off the face of the inlet on the wall - depending on how long these wall plates have been in place, you may need to wiggle them slightly to help release.
  • Once you've pulled the valve off the wall, don't come out too far, as there will be wires connected to the rear of the valve.
  • Next, we need to remove the wires from the backside of the valve by releasing these two phillips screws -  don't take them out all the way, just loosen them off a little.
All we need to do now is the steps in reverse to complete the job:
  • Undo the screws in the back, don't take them out all the way. Just loosen them off a little, so you don't lose the springs and pins inside.
  • It doesn't matter which wire goes to which screw, as long as they're not touching, and there's only one on each side.
  • Tighten them up and we are now ready to reattach the wall plate back on the wall.
  • Make sure the wires go out of the way, and you get a nice clean seat on the wall. Back in with the two screws to hold the plate in position. Don't over tighten these ones, as they will make the plate bow out of shape.

And that's the job done. If you feel it's a job you can't take on yourself, we've got service technicians who can help do it for you.

You can buy these inlet plates on our website, to suit all makes and models of ducted vacuum system. 


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