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Do I need an electrician to upgrade an old ducted vacuum?

If you need to upgrade an old ducted vacuum, you may assume that a electrician or even a plumber is required - resulting in an expensive call out fee. While this may be necessary on some jobs, the good news is in most cases you can easily do this upgrade yourself. The pipework and the electrical connection are both safe to work on as a DIY project and if you follow our advice and video guides, it's a simple home project to complete.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this kind of work, you can always contact us via the link at the bottom of this article to discuss a complete changeover service of you old ducted vacuum.

Ducted Vacuum electrics:

Aussie Vac power cord detail
Ducted vacuums are nearly always manufactured with an electrical appliance cord for connection to a standard domestic power point, just like a portable vacuum. Therefore you do not need an electrician or any other trade to carry out the work of fitting, removing, or updating your ducted vacuum.

Simply disconnect to power lead before starting any work on the vacuum unit.  

Ducted Vacuum mounting:

ducted vacuum on brick wallThe one aspect of upgrading an old ducted vacuum which can present a challenge is the mounting bracket which is fixed to a wall for the ducted vacuum to hang from. When changing the make and/or model of ducted vacuum there is a good chance this mounting bracket will be different and require changing.
Depending on the type of wall the mounting bracket is fixed to, some special tools such as a hammer drill with masonry bit may be required.

When upgrading an old Aussie Vac ducted vacuum to a new model the mounting bracket does not need to be changed. The new unit will fit straight into place for a simple changeover. 

If you are about to upgrade an old ducted vacuum unit, check out our video guide showing the steps involved. 

We can upgrade an old ducted vacuum to a powerful long-life Aussie Vac in most areas, if you can't do it yourself. Contact us here and we can arrange a service Technician to assist you. .