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Dimensions of a Ducted Vacuum Power Unit

If you are planning an installation of a Ducted Vacuum Power Unit, these dimensions will help as we are often asked "What is the size of a Ducted Vacuum Power unit? I'm planning my new home and need to know how much space to allow"

Whether you are after a Ducted Vacuum Power Unit with a bag or a Power Unit without a bag, here at Aussie Vac we stock both.

Ducted Vacuum Power Units can be installed just about anywhere. In most cases a garage or carport is the ideal location to allow for easy cleaning of cars, caravans, boats etc. Other common locations include an outdoor services area, a plant room, sub-floor area or basement.

All Power Units are designed to be hung from a wall with a specially designed mounting bracket supplied with all units.

When installing the Power Unit, it is important that you install the Power Unit on a wall at least 300mm above finished ground level. This allows air to circulate around the motor and will allow you to remove the dirt canister. A minimum of 300mm at the top of the Power Unit will allow access to the unit to change the filter bag.

You can see our range of Power Units online and further information can be found in in our blog - Ducted Vacuum Power Units.

Aussie Vac Ducted Vacuum Power Unit Dimensions

Models - AV1100 & AV1300C
Height: 620mm
Width: 330mm
Depth: 340mm 
Models - AV1300, AV1700, AV1900, AV2400, AV2600, AV2900
Height: 760mm
Width: 400mm
Depth: 415mm


Element Ducted Vacuum Power Unit Dimensions

Models - VE1370, VE1700, VE2370
Height: 1010mm
Width: 350mm
Depth: 350mm