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Installing a Chameleon - We can help!!

We specialise in domestic and small commercial installations of all shapes and sizes. Our complete Retractable Hose installation service covers every angle, from design and consultation through to installation, commissioning and servicing. You don’t have to do a thing! 

We’re happy to install in new or existing buildings. Installing a Chameleon Retractable Hose system into an existing building will generally require more knowledge and expertise, so contacting us early on will ensure your system and installation get off to a good start. 

Here are some benefits to an professional installation:

Save time

You can save time by having Chameleon Vac install your Retractable Hose system for you. We will review your building plans and choose the right number and positioning of access points to ensure comfortable use of the system.  We will also design the access points so that they will efficiently lead back to the main unit. 

Reduce stress

While ducted vacuum systems come with easy to follow instructions, installation isn’t for everyone.  Whilst the Chameleon Vac technicians install your Retractable Hose system, you can relax, go shopping or go to work.  When you come home, your new Retractable Hose system will be ready to use!  

Customer choice

You don’t have to get Chameleon Vac to install your new Retractable Hose system. Our DIY kits make it easy to install the Retractable Hose system.  If you would like some help with design, you can submit your house plans and we can recommend an appropriate Retractable Hose system.