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Chameleon FAQs

Do you have to pull the hose all the way out to use it?

No! For quick cleanups, you just pull out the amount of hose needed. However, for whole-house cleaning and the strongest vacuum power, we recommend pulling the hose all the way out until it automatically locks.

What colors do the valves come in?

Chameleon doors are available in white, almond and black, while all valve boxes are greige – a combination of beige and gray. Greige has been the most popular neutral color for the last several years, since it’s so versatile and looks great with all color schemes. 

Can I use my own hose with the Chameleon?

No. The Chameleon uses a custom-made hose since the valve locks onto a special designed hose-end cuff (not the actual hose itself). The proprietary cuff is added to Plastiflex’s premier Diamondback hose, which is specifically engineered for retractable hose systems to reduce stretch, creep and sock bunching.

If needed, is the Chameleon easy to service?

Yes! All Chameleon components are designed to be removable and replaceable. As a result, there’s no need to replace the entire valve, saving you time and money.

Can I use RF (radio frequency) handles with the Chameleon?

Yes, you can use RF handles or non-RF handles just like any other retractable hose system.

Will the Chameleon hose and hose sock stretch, bunch and fall out like other retractable hose systems?

The Chameleon was engineered to address problems associated with other retractable hose systems. For example, the hose end cuff automatically pin locks the hose in place, so it doesn’t fall or pull out by accident. Plus, by locking onto the hose cuff and not the actual hose itself (like other retractable systems), the Chameleon doesn’t grab onto the hose and bunch the hose sock or stretch the hose.

Does the Chameleon leak or hiss?

Snakes and other retractable hose systems may hiss, but the Chameleon is designed to be leak free with no hissing. The Chameleon has a dual seal that’s independent of the door and tolerant of uneven wall surfaces, so there’s NO endless tweaking of door screws to seal the valve. The Chameleon can even be used without a door for closet or garage installations, if desired!