Your Ducted Vacuuming Specialist

In 1972 Aussie Vac began installing quality ducted vacuum systems in Australian homes. Forty years later, our expert knowledge and commitment to quality have made us the first choice for many Australian homeowners and builders looking to install ducted vacuuming.

At Aussie Vac we have seen steady and stable growth over the last four decades. Our company has expanded from the manufacturing and installation of ducted vacuum systems to providing a 'one stop shop' for all things ducted.

Our mission is simple:

"To help all Australians spend less time vacuuming but at the same time locally manufacturing quality, affordable ducted vacuuming systems and delivering exceptional customer service.

Family-owned and operated

As a 2nd generation family-owned business, we have proven a commitment to quality and providing the highest level of customer service. Our long history in the industry helps us to seamlessly mix tradition with innovation.

We also believe that finding the right people for the team is important. As we're a family business, our staff members are treated as extended family. The team is close knit, supportive and we all have the same goal of providing both high quality ducted vacuum systems and customer service.

Experts in ducted vacuum

At Aussie Vac we have a very specific business focus. Our longevity and success have come from doing one thing well over the last 40 years - ducted vacuums. No steam mops, dusters or portable vacuums.

When it comes to ducted vacuuming, we are the one stop shop in Australia!

This focus means we can ensure all aspects of our ducted vacuuming systems and service are as good as they can be, including:

        • Manufacturing
        • Installation
        • Ducted Vacuum Repair
        • Ducted vacuum parts and accessories
        • Import, export and distribution of ducted vacuuming systems

Expertise, knowledge and friendly customer service

Traditional and thoughtful customer service and cutting edge ducted vacuum systems have made us the No.1 ducted vacuuming choice for many Australians.

Here at Aussie Vac, we are there when you need us. Expertise, knowledge and friendly customer service are all part of the package.

Contact us or call 1800 678 228 for obligation-free advice.