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Retractable Hose with Sock 15 metre


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This replacement kit includes a 15 metre hose, pre-fitted hose sock, insertion end, and black rubber end to attach to the vacuum handle. Everything you need to replace an existing retractable hose.

When replacing a hose choose the same length as the original or a shorter hose if desired. Each retractable hose point is designed with a specific hose length in mind and a longer hose will most likely not go in all the way due how the pipework has been installed.

If your current hose does not reach everywhere, it is possible that a longer hose will fit, and it's simple to shorten the hose if it is too long. Working from the plug end (not the end you connect handle to) simply cut the hose and the sock (make the hose sock a little longer than the hose as it needs to tuck over the end of hose) and re-insert the end plug.