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Universal Synthetic Vacuum Bags - Compact


3 pack Synthetic Filter Bags, Longer Life, Higher Efficiency.

The material used in our synthetic filter bags offers a higher level of filtration and increased air-flow, which means your ducted vacuum has better suction and cleaner exhausted air.

These bags are much stronger than paper filter bags and are ideal for commercial applications or households which vacuum frequently, as they will not burst or split apart when removed from the vacuum cleaner.

These bags measure 23cm wide and 65cm long when laid flat.


Popular ducted vacuum models which use this bag include:

Aussie Vac: AV1100, AV1300COM, AV606, AV808, AV1400COM, AV2100, AV2200, AVECO, EconoVac

Astro Vac: All compact and deluxe models

Valet: ValuVac, V1P, V2P, V150

Premier Clean: Compact models