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Vacuum Pet Hair Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming BrushUsing a pet hair grooming brush with your ducted vacuum is a great way to remove cat and dog hair before it spreads around your home and gets trodden into your carpets.

Ideal for cats and dogs with a long or short coat, the long pin-combs of this vacuum pet hair attachment will massage and groom as it sucks away all the loose air- making for a relaxed and clean four legged friend!

The clever design of this pet hair grooming brush is the removable pin-comb section. You can simply pop it out for a quick wash if it starts getting a bit grimy.

For ease of use the handle swivels to give you free range of movement, ensuring you can comfortably vacuum no matter how large or small your pet may be.

The beauty of using a ducted vacuum to groom cats and dogs instead of a portable vacuum, is that the motor will be located well away from where you are cleaning so there is no noise to upset your pet.