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Here are some quick tips to check if you are having any issues with your Ducted Vacuum.  

The Vacuum Power Unit

Filter bag Power Units:

  • How full or clogged is the bag? Sometimes paper filter bags will clog up with fine powdery matter even though the bag isn't completely full. In general we recommend replacing your ducted vacuum bag every 6 months (or sooner if required).
  • Check the filter screen underneath the bag is clean and clear of any fluff or lint.
  • Make sure the lid is secure and sealing correctly with the power unit drum.
  • If you have a twin motor Ducted Vacuum, turn on briefly without the lid and bag to check if both motors are spinning.

    Further information regarding how to change the filter bag can be found here

    Bagless Power Units:

    • Has the bucket/bin been emptied?
    • Is the filter above the bucket/bin clean?
    • Is the bucket/bin sealing correctly with the upper section of the power unit?
    Ducted Vacuum Hose & Attachments

    Is there a blockage in your hose? Drop a coin or other small object down the hose to see if it is clear. If there is a stubborn blockage you may need to push a garden hose or similar through the Ducted Vacuum hose. Don't turn on the water!

    Check the cleaning tools are clear of any blockages, sometimes a hair pin or slender object may get stuck and catch other debris over time, eventually forming a blockage

    Ducted Vacuum Pipe Work

    Do all inlet valves have the same low suction? If some points have low suction and some have good suction, this may indicate where a blockage in the pipe work is. 
    Aussie Vac offers on-site service in Metro Melbourne and can refer to service agents in many areas

    Are all the hose connection points sealing completely when shut? 
    If not, you may need to replace them - watch this video to see how.

    Still Stuck?

    Contact Us for further assistance, or take a look at our Support articles, with detailed videos and self-help guides for all things related to ducted vacuums.