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Vacpan White Automatic Dustpan

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The Vacpan requires installation to your ducted vacuum system. It is suitable to use with most popular makes and models of ducted vacuums that is using standard 50mm piping. The Vacpan has a top connection.


• Plan the location of your ORIGINAL VACPAN to be conveniently located for sweeping clean-ups.

Also consider ease of access of vacuum tube piping connections during installation.

• The leading edge of the ORIGINAL VACPAN must sit flush with the finished floor.

• For maximum clearance, Universal Short 9Oo Elbow for connection to VACPAN.

• Do not glue the connection between ORIGINAL VACPAN and elbow, to allow for future removal.

• Prior to final installation, check for an airtight seal between ORIGINAL VACPAN and elbow. Teflon tape may be used if required.

• Allow for 1/2” vertical play in vacuum tube piping at ORIGINAL VACPAN location, so that final piping connections can be made.