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4 Point Complete Ducted Vacuum Kit


Powered by Aussie Vac model AV1300 - our best selling, unbreakable vacuum!

Our 4 Point Complete Ducted Vacuum Kit contains everything you need to install a powerful and efficient ducted vacuum system in your home or building project.

We think this is the perfect combination for a modern double storey home - 2 hose points on each floor powered by the unbreakable AV1300. The tireless Domel™ motor in this unit is one of the best we have seen (and we've seen a lot of motors since 1972!) It will handle any mess big or small day after day with ease. Choose a 9 or 12 metre hose to best suit your floor plan.

All Aussie Vac systems are supplied with a 'utility point', so you can vacuum directly from the motor unit - great for cleaning cars, garages and workshops.

Our complete DIY kits are around 10% cheaper than buying parts separately... It's an economical and rewarding DIY project your home will love you for!

Comprehensive installation instructions are included - a few common tools and some basic skills are all you need.

Simply choose your preferred hose length and style from the options provided and we will take care of the rest!  

Cansweep underbench sweeper point

The perfect add-on for this kit - Cansweep Automatic Dustpan.

Did you know you can get even more cleaning power from your ducted vacuum with a Cansweep under-bench sweeper point? Perfect for quick clean-ups in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, simply tap with your foot, sweep away the mess, and tap to finish.

Learn more about Aussie Vac features and benefits:

A Healthier Living Environment
Unlike portable vacuum cleaners that can re-circulate dust, an Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system removes all vacuumed dust, dirt and allergens out of your living area and into a canister - usually located in the garage - to dramatically improve indoor air quality. That makes for a healthier home even if you don't suffer from allergies.

Powerful Suction
An Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system has up to 5 times more power than most conventional portable vacuum cleaners.
There is an Aussie Vac system to suit any size home, and many small businesses can also benefit from a ducted vacuum system.
The heavy duty 'by-pass' motors used in all Aussie Vac systems ensure hard to shift dust and dirt will be removed from your valuable carpets, soft furnishings and other floor coverings, both protecting and prolonging their lives.

Faster Cleaning
Versatile enough to be used just about anywhere, an Aussie Vac system will clean: carpets; polished floor boards; slate, tile & vinyl floors; curtains and blinds; cornices, skirting boards & shelves; furniture; staircases; cars, caravans & boats; verandahs, decking and al-fresco's

Whisper Quiet
The loud irritating noise associated with portable vacuum cleaners is dramatically reduced with an Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system. The power unit is usually located well away from living areas, so you can vacuum without disturbing other activities going on in your home. Mufflers and silencers can be fitted to most models to reduce sound levels even further.

Low Maintenance
Aussie Vac ducted vacuum systems do not need to be light and portable, therefore they are designed to provide a large dirt receptacle, with a holding capacity many times that of a portable vacuum. Filter bags or buckets require changing only 2 or 3 times a year.

Increase the Value of your Home
Your Aussie Vac ducted vacuum system is built to last, making it a permanent feature and excellent selling point of your home. An Aussie Vac will increase the value of your home - well in excess of the original purchase price.