DIY Complete Kit - Hose Kits

The difference between the Ducted Vacuum Deluxe Hose Kit and the Deluxe Switch Hose Kit is the hose.

Both hoses that are available to purchase in the DIY Complete Kits are available in 9mt, 10mtr and 12mtr lengths.

Standard Ducted Vacuum Hose

Standard ducted vacuum hose is the most common type of hose supplied with new ducted vacuum systems.

In most cases. the end you plug into the wall or floor will have a metal ring as pictured in the top left of the picture.

The ring is important as it makes a connection with two low-voltage contact pins inside the wall/floor plate to turn on your ducted vacuum motor.  Therefore, with this type of hose, the vacuum motor starts as soon as you plug in the hose, and the motor stops as soon as you remove it.


Ducted Vacuum Switch Hose


A  ducted vacuum switch hose allows you to start and stop the vacuum from the handle. 

There's no need to remove the hose if you want to momentarily stop vacuuming simply flick the switch to stop the motor & flick it again to resume vacuuming.

In order for a switch hose to work correctly, it must be inserted into the wall/floor plate correctly. This is easily done by ensuring the plastic tab on the hose cuff slots into the locating tabs on the wall/floor plate as shown opposite.

If the hose is not plugged in correctly, the vacuum motor will but the switch on the handle will not work until the hose is plugged in correctly.

The cleaning accessories included in both the Deluxe Hose Kit & Deluxe Switch Hose Kits are:

Deluxe Universal Carpet Head
Hard Floor Brush - 300mm
Telescopic Wand
Crevice Tool
Upholstery Brush
Dusting Brush
Hose Hanger