Low Suction

Ducted Vacuum system working, but you have low suction?

You may be able to fix it yourself with a couple of easy checks that may save you a service call!!


The filter bag:

Is the bag too full?
Is the bag clogged up with fine powdery matter?

We recommend that you replace your ducted vacuum filter bag every 6 months for the best cleaning performance and a longer motor life.



The Hose:

Your ducted vacuum hose may have something stuck inside the hose.

Perform the following tests when the hose is not connected to the system..

Coin test: Drop a coin or other small object down the hose to see if it is clear.

Garden hose test: push a garden hose or a similar object through the Ducted Vacuum hose if there is a stubborn blockage. Do not turn on the water!

Tools: Make sure the cleaning tools are clear of any blockages.  Hair pins and other slender objects can get stuck and catch other debris over time, forming a blockage.


The power unit:

Is the lid on securely?

Has the rubber ring around the pipe, to which the filter bag attaches to inside the drum, leaking air or come loose?

The lid & rubber ring need to be secured for the unit to work correctly.



The filter screen underneath the bag:

Is the filter screen, located under the filter bag and flat metal plate (bag spacer) clean and clear of fluff or lint?  This needs to be clear at all times. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth to clear the dust/debris.

With this in mind, when placing the metal plate (bag spacer) back in the bottom of the drum, ensure that it is standing on its small feet and not flipped over.



The Inlet Valves:

Are all the inlet valve doors sealing completely shut?
Is there low suction at all the inlet valves?

If the inlet doors are not sealing completely, the inlet valve may need replacing.

All inlet doors need to be sealed completely for the unit to work.


If you have followed these steps and the issue has not yet been alleviated, we can advise you on the best course of action.
Please send us an email 
sales@aussievac.com.au or contact us (03) 9763 6777.