Hide a Hose Retractable Ducted Vacuum Hose


The Hide-a-Hose retractable hose system has revolutionized ducted vacuum systems around the world, simply by solving two problems. 1) Carrying the hose and 2) Storing the hose.

Just pull out the amount of hose you need from your ducted vacuum hide-a-hose wall plate, connect your cleaning attachments and start vacuuming. Once you are finished, disconnect your cleaning attachments and let the suction from your ducted vacuum motor retract the hose back into the wall.


Hide-A-Hose makes vacuuming more convenient and allows you to clean your home faster. Each wall plate has a hose stored in the SmartTube™ system installed in your home similar to a standard ducted vacuum system. And since there's no need to store your vacuum hose in a closet, longer retractable hoses can be used, reducing the overall number of wall plates required.
The length of the hose can range from 9 - 18 metres meaning each wall plate location can cover up to 200 square metres of living space. Even with a hose this long, an appropriately sized ducted vacuum motor will retract the hose back into the wall in seconds.

All of this adds up to a much quicker and easier household chore.

New Homes

Hide-a-hose retractable systems are generally easy to install in a new home under construction. Aussie Vac can provide a quote for DIY or full installation.

Existing Homes

In most cases hide-a-hose retractable systems are very difficult to install in an existing home. A single storey home with good sub-floor access is likely to be suitable for hide-a-hose, but for most other existing homes , this won't be the case.

Upgrade Existing Systems

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add the hide-a-hose retractable system to an existing ducted vacuum system without a complete reconfiguration of the existing pipework.

Take a look at this overview video, or see the range of Hide-a-Hose parts online



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