Vacuum heads for carpet and hard floors


Also known as 'combination tools' these vacuum heads are suitable for all makes and models of ducted vacuum and many portable vacuums.

The internal neck measurement is 32mm which is the most common size for vacuum accessories.

Both the Universal Carpet Head and the Deluxe Universal Carpet Heads are  are supplied in Aussie Vac Hose Kits .

The Universal Carpet Head is the standard cleaning attachment for ducted vacuums. If offers basic and reliable cleaning on most type of carpets and the retractable brush allows for some hard floor cleaning.

The Deluxe Universal Carpet Head offers greater carpet cleaning performance, thanks to its extra-deep air channel.  It also features a unique pivoting neck and large roller, to ensure you glide over all surfaces.

A large range of vacuum heads are always in stock and available on our website.

For more information, read our vacuum head buyers guide, to learn more about the best vacuum attachments for your home.



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