TurboCat turbo head for ducted vacuums


The TurboCat turbo head is the best performing, and our top selling, vacuum head for carpets suitable for use with all makes and models of ducted vacuum.

Not only does a turbo head clean more efficiently than a standard vacuum head, it is also easier to use, as the power of the roller brush drives the head across the floor.

Its the secret weapon against deeply embedded dirt and pet hair in your carpets!!

The TurboCat is a powerful, air-driven turbine powerhead that harnesses the airflow of a ducted vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning.

It's lightweight and easy to maneuver, with a low-profile body and high impact bumper guards that make it perfect for cleaning under furniture.

It requires no separate powercords, batteries or additional electricity!!

The TurboCat Powerhead is designed for the way people clean. It’s light, responsive and highly maneuverable compared to cumbersome, heavier electric powerheads. Its low-profile body glides, responds and maneuvers around the entire house.

The reason it's called a TurboCat is because it's powered by an air turbine which harnesses the power of your ducted vacuum system to drive this rotating brush. The brush spins at very high speeds to help release deeply-embedded dirt and fibers in your carpets.

We also carry a wide range of spare parts for the TurboCat, such as replacement belts and brushes and bearings, to ensure a long service life.

We have a full range of turbo heads to suit all makes and models of vacuum and many portable vacuums too.



2 thoughts on “TurboCat turbo head for ducted vacuums”

  • Marie Bird

    I have a turbo head but I always have trouble moving where you attach it to the hose to the position for vaccuming. There is no release button so have to force it into place. Can you advise.


    • admin

      Hi Marie, thanks for getting in touch.
      ​The Turbocat is designed with a locking neck which does require some force to engage/disengage.
      ​We have confirmed with the manufacturer that this is normal and there is no chance of the neck breaking.
      ​​It's easy to unlock/lock the neck when your hose handle and telescopic wand are connected and you place a foot on the Turbocat to stop it moving.



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