How to repair a vacuum hose when it's split


In this article we are taking a look a how to repair a vacuum hose which has split open.

It's not unusual for a vacuum hose to split just behind the hose handle as this is where a lot of strain is placed on the hose when vacuuming.

Fortunately, it is easy to repair a vacuum hose with this problem and the hose will only be a few centimeters shorter once repaired. In some cases, you wont need any new parts to complete the repair, but if you do they are readily available and much cheaper than a new hose.


Spare parts may be required:

These are the parts you may or may not require to complete the repair:

hull to repair a vacuum hose Hose Hull
locking ring to repair a vacuum hose Hose Locking Ring
Handle to repair a Vacuum Hose Vacuum Hose Handle








These spare parts are a universal design, used by many ducted and portable vacuum makes and models around the world. It's fine to mix old and new parts to repair a vacuum hose of any age.

Ducted Vacuum Hose

A standard ducted vacuum hose repair, that has split near the handle, takes a few simple steps.

Firstly, cut the damaged piece of hose away. The easiest way to do this is to cut straight through the split to remove the handle from the end.

Next, you need to remove the small piece of hose that is remaining in the handle. To do this you need to depress the tab that makes the locking ring grip onto the handle and secure the hose.  The hose should now come out of the handle and you can work on the next stage of the repair.

Unfortunately, if this piece is glued onto the remaining hose, you can't use this, you will need to throw it away and get a new one, which you can buy on our website, to thread onto your hose. In some cases this part isn't glued and will simply thread off.

Lastly, simply reassemble the hose. Start by placing  the locking ring on, threading on your hose hull, which is a reverse thread.  Once it's threaded on all the way, place you handle back over and clip it together.

That's it, your repair on your ducted vacuum hose is complete.  Simple!!



You can find the parts required to repair your ducted vacuum hose in our hose spare parts category on our website or at our showroom in Melbourne.


Ducted Vacuum Switch Hose

ducted vacuum switch hose handle
The not so good news, is that this repair won't work on a ducted vacuum switch hose, which has a power switch on the handle.  If you have this kind of hose, you will need to buy a new one.  You can see our range of ducted vacuum switch hoses, to suit all makes and models of ducted vacuum here.





If you need help with this repair or any other type of ducted vacuum repair, please feel free to contact us for friendly expert advice.


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  • Lora Domine

    Hi I noticed you have information on your website about split vacuum cleaner hose. We seem to get this all the time and our hose is getting shorter snd shorter. How can we avoid this?
    Thanks for your advice, Lora.

    • admin

      Hi Lora, there's not much you can do about this unfortunately. It seems to be an issue with some hoses as they age. You may need to consider a replacement. Regards, Andrew

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